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The Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research October focuses on the overall topic: Entrepreneurship for a better future. Entrepreneurship is generally perceived to be a force of change and good. Entrepreneurship has of course blossomed into a very broad and diverse field over the past decades.


To operationalize the theme of the conference we ask all presenters to briefly reflect on how their research subject relates to the overall theme in their abstract and introduction. We invite researchers to submit abstracts and papers for presentation in one of almost 20 tracks that will be chaired by eminent scholars in the field. The conference is hosted by Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where the theme of the conference is perfectly aligned with the University motto: Bright minds for a better future. Programmes will provide different tools to implement skills immediately.

Business incubators, practical consulting projects, internship opportunities, real case-solving, networking opportunities, venture projects, management practice courses and leadership seminars.

The 45 Best Schools for Entrepreneurship in Europe

Europe offers the unique economic environment of a prosperous yet diverse market base with a global reach and a wealth of experience to build upon. Schools on the Old Continent have begun offering a host of solutions to allow future business makers to test their skills, ideas and approaches in a safe environment where failing is not so painful.

“I believe for the first time in history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career.” – Eric Ries

The Rzeszow University of Technology adhered to this initatve, together with its well-developed Faculty of Machine Constructon and Aviaton. This university is considered the leader in Ukraine in international cooperation with other universities, inviting many lecturers from abroad and sending students and researchers to 59 countries that are in partnership with the university. Sofia University is the oldest university founded in Bulgaria, established in Furthermore, she was involved in projects looking at gender equality in German academia. Ways of inventons commercialisaton by universites and scholars Independent of the selected methods of commercialisaton, in the end a new soluton is introduced in the market, which may be completed by means of acceptance of a given technology, product or service, etc.

Here are just a few examples of how different European business schools have been teaching entrepreneurship:. The venture moves forward from inception to business plan completion through hands-on exercises and challenges integrated into course work, as well as through tasks and deliverables, scheduled outside of regular courses.

And then there is Spain, which has been working hard as a nation to reinvent itself as a European hi-tech powerhouse, with the help of its numerous business schools.

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Mike Wright, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for Management Buyout Research, Imperial College Business School, London, UK, Bart. Academic Entrepreneurship in Europe. Reviewer(s). David Woollard ( Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Manchester, UK). Keywords.

With its diverse markets and strong support from governments and universities, Europe can be a great place to pursue an entrepreneurial MBA. Its business schools seamlessly blend traditionally strong academic education with practical, hands-on experience. In so doing, they nourish ideas and transform them into profitable ventures, capitalising on strong alumni support to minimise risks.

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There is an ongoing debate about whether academics are capable of teaching leadership and entrepreneurship. GMAC assesses the position of women in B-school, giving insight into the differences in attitudes and motivations between men and women pursuing post-graduate…. Full-time, part-time, one-year or two-year: a comprehensive analysis of the merits of the various MBA study options.

Europe’s most entrepreneurial country? It’s not the one you might expect

MBAs have a plethora of options from which they can choose, but finance and consulting remain the most common career paths taken by graduates. A Canadian MBA graduate explains how a part-time MBA enables you to accelerate your professional development while also deepening your understanding of the….

School Profiles. Elitsa Videnova. The skillset How do you, as a business owner, distance yourself from the day-to-day minutiae of your company to focus on growth strategies?

Top business schools for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship programmes Programmes will provide different tools to implement skills immediately. Can Leadership and Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

The 45 Best Schools for Entrepreneurship in Europe

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