Screening Methods in Pharmacology. Volume II

Pharmacological Screening Methods and Toxicology
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Screening Methods Pharmacology

Chapter 6 Estrogenic and Antiestrogenic Agents. Chapter 7 Anovulatory Agents.

Chapter 8 Progestational Agents. Chapter 10 Immunosuppressive Agents.

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Chapter 11 Agents Affecting Mucociliary Activity. Chapter 12 Antiperspirant Agents. Chapter 13 Antidepressant Agents. Author Index.

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The counted number of writhing in each treated animal group was then compared to that of a control group. Reduction in dry pellet weight could result due to decrease production of fibroblasts and synthesis of collagen and mucopolysaccharides during formation of granuloma tissue and thus signifies the suppression of inflammatory proliferative phase [61]. Indian J. Submit a Manuscript. It is generally initiated by several factors ranging from bacterial infection and chemical injury to environmental pollution that result in apoptosis, cell injury or death[2,3].

Subject Index. Chapter 9 Antihyperlipidemic Agents.

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Screening Methods in Pharmacology Robert A. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , ; 13 1 : Toggle navigation. The principle of this method was to screen the pharmacological activity of six prepared polyphyto formulations by using high throughput screening method for their nootropic action.

The study was performed in three stages using one, two and three animals, respectively in a group.

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Test formulations were given p. The test formulations were compared with the standard drug Bacopa monnieri for learning and memory enhancement. The pharmacological response shown in single experimental animal was compared with that shown in two animals by using regression analysis.

Drug discovery and development process

R2 value was determined by Least squares linear regression analysis to interpret as the proportion of the variance in the dependent variable that is predictable from the independent variable.