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Trump’s Policies, Not His Insults, Contributed to the Fed’s Shift

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If you are experiencing some of this and would like to feel better, this workshop is for you! We will explore yoga-based, holistic methods to help soothe, manage, accept, and honor the changes and challenges related to perimenopause and menopause. Yoga asana and pranayama along with self-massage and relaxation techniques designed specifically for women who are approaching or have already experienced menopause will be taught.

No yoga experience required, just an open heart. This workshop is suitable for all levels including those who may think that they are too inflexible to start yoga… and those experienced yoginis who may be noticing that their bodies are sometimes craving a kinder, gentler yoga practice. All attendees will receive a specially handcrafted scented eye pillow and a custom bottle of aromatherapy spray along with workshop handouts.

Attendees should come dressed to practice yoga with a yoga mat, if you have one, and a water bottle. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Such opportunities are extremely important for children from low SES families, as they are at a great risk of being overweight or obese 24 and their parents are less able to afford sports or recreational programs. It is unclear why children's self-efficacy with regard to spending less time on screen-related activities decreased at the end of the intervention.

In the Switch-Play study, children in the behavioural modification intervention reported spending more time on screen-related activities than those in the control group. Salmon et al. They also suspected that it may be due to the 'response shift bias'. A baseline measure may thus be subject to substantial error and a favourable shift in the accuracy of reporting may occur at the end of the intervention. Nonetheless, further attention and investigation are required to avoid potential undesired outcomes when implementing behavioural modification curricula targeting screen-related sedentary behaviours.

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There were a number of limitations to this pilot study. For instance, a one-sample pre-post design was used in evaluating the impacts of the program. Although such a design is considered suitable for a pilot study, it may have compromised internal validity. The sample size was relatively small which may decrease statistical power in evaluating program impacts. Future large-scale implementation and evaluation of "PausePlay" should use a randomized controlled trial design with sufficient sample size.

Carnaval, Op. 9: No. 20, Pause

The program was feasible, practical, and favourably changed body composition and fitness levels. After-school obesity prevention programs for children represent one potentially viable solution in the battle against childhood obesity in Canada.

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The authors are grateful to Dr. The authors are grateful to Ms. Dan Lavery, Principal of the participating school, and Brescia University College student volunteers for their support and involvement throughout the project. Special thanks are also extended to school staff as well as the student participants and their parents for making this project possible.

Alter D, Eny K. The relationship between the supply of fast-food chains and cardiovascular outcomes. Can J Public Health.

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Overweight and obesity in Canadian adolescents and their associations with dietary habits and physical activity patterns. J Adolesc Health. Reilly J. Descriptive epidemiology and health consequences of childhood obesity. Katzmarzyk PT, Janssen I.

Carnaval, Op. 9: No. 20: Pause

The economic costs associated with physical inactivity and obesity in Canada: an update. Can J Appl Physiol. Overweight among children and adolescents in a Native Canadian community: prevalence and associated factors. Am J Clin Nutr. Robinson TN. Television viewing and childhood obesity. Pediatr Clin North Am. Association of obesity with physical activity, television programs and other forms of video viewing among children in Mexico city. Television viewing and television in bedroom associated with overweight risk among low-income preschool children. Television viewing and its associations with overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables among US high school students: differences by race, ethnicity, and gender.

J Sch Health. Obes Res. Effects of contingent television on physical activity and television viewing in obese children. Reducing children's television viewing to prevent obesity: a randomized controlled trial. Decreasing sedentary behaviors in treating pediatric obesity. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med.

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Statistics Canada. Income, pensions, spending and wealth. Dietz WH. The obesity epidemic in young children.

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Reduce television viewing and promote playing. Preliminary findings of the effect of a 3-year after-school physical activity intervention on fitness and body fat: the Medical College of Georgia Fitkid Project. Int J Pediatr Obes. Yin Z, Hanes JJr. An after-school physical activity program for obesity prevention in children: the Medical College of Georgia FitKid Project. Eval Health Prof. Height-normalized indices of the body's fatfree mass and fat mass: potentially useful indicators of nutritional status.

Carnaval in A-Flat Major, Op. 9: No. 20, Pause

Ontario Public Health Association. Psychosocial and environmental correlates of adolescent sedentary behaviors. Outcomes of a group-randomized trial to prevent excess weight gain, reduce screen behaviours and promote physical activity in year-old children: switch-play. Int J Obes Lond. One correct format of this command is:. So sleep will pause for 25 seconds. Many commands require you to provide parameters in a specific order, but sleep is very forgiving. You can provide them in any order and sleep will make sense out of them. You can also provide a floating point number as a parameter.

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Carnaval, Op. 9: No. 20, Pause

All of the following increasingly eccentric commands tell sleep to pause for 10 seconds. The sleep command can be used to give a pause before the execution of a command. You can use sleep to give a pause between two commands. This command would list the files in your Documents directory, pause for five seconds and then change the current working directory to your home directory:. You can use the sleep command in shell scripts to pause execution of the script for a precise amount of time. You can also use it to rate-limit the requests a script makes to another resource.

To demonstrate exactly that, here is a script that calls out to a Google web service using curl. We can parse that data by passing it through the jq utility to retrieve the title of the book.