Managerial excellence: McKinsey award winners from the Harvard business review, 1980-1994

HBR McKinsey Award winners: Good management matters more than we realize
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  • Managerial Excellence: McKinsey Award Winners from the Harvard Business Review, 1980-1994.
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New Releases. The pieces in this collection-all first-place McKinsey Award winners-are distinguished by their relevance to the real work of managers. Toggle navigation Menu. Open Preview See a Problem? Past winners have included Peter F. Alliance for Audited Media. Clark, and Alan M.

Capstone Pub. Fight, Andrew. Ehin, Charles. Stratten, Scott. Hamm, John. Ferris, Kenneth R. P cherot.

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Management and and and and and and and and Kotlikoff, Laurence J. Thorogood Career Press and and and and Kessler, Robin. Drainville, AndrC. Cran, Cheryl. Dust Jacket in good condition. Very Good. Harvard Business Review Press, Disclaimer:A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact.

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Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. Edition: 1st edition. The partnership started from that, in Raffaella: We collected the data via phone interviews over four or five waves of data collecting. John: We have hundreds of students and other researchers who have been part of this project. As John was saying, these were things previously recognized as processes that existed in high-performing firms. Our survey consists of open-ended questions across four domains: production monitoring, targets, people management, and lean management.

For example, the questions we ask about production monitoring include a question that asks our interviewees—the plant managers—how they keep track of their production. Some plant managers would say they had very few systematic ways of keeping track of what was happening on the shop floor or that even if they had some system in place, it was not providing information that was actionable: the data was not visualized, or it was not accessible to people who would make good use of it.

At the other extreme, you have companies that take these monitoring processes seriously. Raffaella: Even the fact that there was a variation in management practices was a surprise, to some extent. We should try to understand better what drives this variation. Why, if these processes are known and basic, are certain organizations so slow to adopt them? John: I totally agree. The vast majority thought their firms were really well managed. What was more surprising, and maybe a bit depressing, was that the answer to that self-assessment—contrary to the objective scoring done in the interview—was totally uncorrelated with any measure of performance or productivity.

It turns out that really implementing these practices requires that everyone has a fundamental understanding of them and believes in them. So perhaps some of the problem is training, but it is also the softer part of the relationship between workers, managers, and owners. And, yes, we see that in our data: the managers who are more able seem to have better practices. But we also find that just as important is the training and education of the workforce.

John: My main thing: management really matters.