Labrador Retriever, with DVD: Your Happy Healthy Pet

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Labrador Retriever Puppy Training - Hawkeyemedia - What People Say To help make heads or tails of dog training, we asked a variety of trainers and behavioral experts to recommend the best books for new dog owners. Each book on this list came highly recommended from at least two of the experts we surveyed.

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Veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, who passed away in , challenged the once-prevalent notion that owners had to establish dominance over their dogs in order to ensure good behavior; she advocated for humane training through positive reinforcement, instead. Yin also wrote articles like this one , which Semel says is a must-read for new dog owners. It breaks down the differences between the two training styles and explains why most vets and trainers prefer the latter.

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Semel also recommends this article from that organization. All of her scientifically-backed information is interwoven with beautiful stories and personal experiences of her work with dogs and other species.

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There are quite a few sections that cover things not included in the original. Caroline Coile. Chapter 9: Training Your Labrador Retriever. Choosing an Adult Lab. I very much appreciate the videos and will be ordering more as they become available. With a doubt filled mind and fear tugging at the heart I placed faith in God first with your video running a very close second, it was at that point we began training.

In The Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson, founder of the Academy for Dog Trainers , examines the inherent differences between humans and dogs, and the trouble owners can find themselves in if they insist on anthropomorphizing their pets and assuming that dogs will act with the same rationales and motivations as humans. From the host of Dog Whisperer on National Geographic, this is easily the most controversial book on this list, as Cesar Millan espouses old-school dominance-based training that other authors have mostly denounced.

Although these two titles were only recommended by one expert each, we felt their deep dives into specific aspects of dog ownership made them warrant inclusion on our list. From that moment onward, his life changed and his behavior began to be more acceptable.

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He also found his true vocation in life running, jumping, and playing ball. A game that he excelled and made him a star of posters and photographs all over the world.

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Leo explains throughout in simple terms how poor behavior is developed in dogs and gives his thoughts on how good behavior can be encouraged and taught in a way that dogs understand. With a little luck and a bit of hard work, for the next year; MARTIN and I will be producing a series of stories of top dogs and their trainers from around the globe.

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Training for gun dogs and working dogs, as well as companions. Healthy, happy, well behaved dogs make for happy owners.

Labrador Retriever Your Happy Healthy Pet

Martin Deeley, Florida Dog Trainer. Pat Trichter, Orlando Dog Trainer. Click to view photos of the course. Click to order a copy.

LABRADOR RETRIEVER - ALL About This Popular Breed

The Labrador Site provides detailed and in-depth training guides on a range of Labrador topics. Our dog and puppy training guides are written by best-selling author and Labrador specialist Pippa Mattinson. Pippa has been breeding, training and working her Labrador Retrievers for over thirty years and has a wealth of information to share.

In each training guide she takes you step-by-step through the training process, breaking it down into achievable stages. From puppy potty training to advanced obedience, there is something here for everyone. These are some of our most detailed and most popular training guides. Pippa shows you how to get your Labrador puppy clean and dry in the house as quickly as possible.