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  • Our maps show how Earth's mountains collide and oceans swirl as a new landmass takes shape..
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Some climbers opt for the northern ridge, which is known for having harsher winds and colder temperatures. That is the path that British climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine used in during what may, in fact, have been the first ascent.

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Whether the pair made it to the summit remains a topic of controversy, but what is known for certain is that the men were spotted pushing toward the peak just before the arrival of a storm. Despite its reputation as an extremely dangerous mountain, commercial guiding has done much to tame Everest in the last few decades.

As of March , there had been 5, successful ascents of Everest, while people had died—a fatality rate of 4 percent. Caption by Adam Voiland. As the tallest mountain in the world, Everest is the standard to which all others are compared.

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Himalayan continental collision

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The Geology of Mount Everest

Subscribe to our newsletters. Areas above the slipping fault, where the stress of the continental collision finally gave, pushed upward. This happened, for example, to Kathmandu. Meanwhile, farther north, behind the fault slip, the ground abruptly dropped. Preliminary satellite data from Sentinal-1A had suggested the mountain dropped an inch 2. Everest aside, the Himalayas were undeniably affected, Briggs said: About 60 miles km of mountain range north of Kathmandu dropped significantly.

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That aftershock did not shift Everest, according to China's mapping agency. Hundreds of smaller aftershocks have continued in the region, according to the USGS. The quakes in Nepal are not unusual, geologically speaking.

Geology of the Himalaya

The Indian plate slides under the Eurasian plate at a very shallow angle, Briggs said. The arrangement is similar to the undersea subduction zones off of Alaska and Japan, where one continental plate pushes under another. Lessons from those regions, as well as geological evidence of past quakes in the Himalayas, reveal that the fault is capable of quakes larger than magnitude 7. It's impossible, however, to predict when such a quake might occur, or whether April's quake influenced the chances of a later temblor.

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The strong wind blows all the time. Another is: weather can damage or even blow people's equipment away. Using a trigonometry the length of the other sides could be determined. The net effect of plate-tectonics forces acting on this geologically complicated region is to squeeze parts of Asia eastward toward the Pacific Ocean. Some of the world's most destructive earthquakes in history are related to continuing tectonic processes that began some 50 million years ago when the Indian and Eurasian continents first met. All measurements of Mt. For K2, they began 1, miles away in Madras.

We don't know where all these faults are in their kind of 'clocks' and how close they were to kind of going anyway. Complicating the guessing game is the lack of geological evidence.

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The type of quake that shook Nepal doesn't necessarily leave a strong trace in the rock record, Briggs said. Imagine a hand pushing on a metal ruler until the instrument bows. But the overarching pressure of the hand or Indian plate, in this case continues, deforming the ruler back into its bowed shape.