2009: A Year of Hope and Change Capricorn

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Saturn in Capricorn supports you in reaching for a prize and accomplishment in the eyes of the world. Define an affirmation for each day and repeat it at least a times a day to make it your inner mantra. Saturn rewards daily practice. Respond to your inner feelings.

What house is Saturn transiting in your natal chart? Ultimately, Saturn rewards. Known as the karmic planet, Saturn gives you back multiplied what you put forth. So yes, this is a serious accountability phase. Your email address will not be published. Those with a little bit of power are likely to exploit it well beyond what it is worth.

That which has been built with foresight to weather challenging events will become apparent and serve as a guide to future development. We have already seen examples of this by observing what structures remain in the aftermath of hurricanes and fires. The more personal message is that one or more structures that we have built into our lives are crumbling.

This is the third of four years to correct the problem. Maybe that structure or plan needs to go.

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Perhaps it has been impeding us from moving forward. It is possible that this process began in If it continues to have value in your life, much effort and probably considerable money will be required to repair and restore damage. Consider allowing the disintegrating structure to transform into an updated version of itself. Eclipses During and the beginning of the eclipses will occur in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

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Many of us will be dealing with the desire to earn resources while doing something that we love. That which we value and hold dear will surface in our hearts and demand to be manifested with greater emphasis in our lives. The eclipse seasons in will occur in January and July. It is at these times the consequences of our past actions will be revealed, for good or ill. This actually may occur periodically throughout the year, but eclipses tend to punctuate events with surprising clarity.

We will become aware of what is not working to the good. That will require revision and change. We may also be rewarded with unexpected favors and applause.

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Though it may be tempting to focus attention on the dark Karma, we need to be realistic and do what we can to interfere with it. Beyond that, we need to shoot for making improvements in areas that we can control. For most of us, we can concentrate on managing outcomes that achieve positive results.

Hold onto a basic "love of people" ethic, in spite of what we may see. Refuse to play to the lowest common denominator. You begin the year in the sign of Scorpio which lends much power and authority to your actions. Between Jan. Saturn in your 10th solar house brings a change in your work or profession. You may decide to begin a new direction in your life or will be taking on significantly more responsibility in the current work. Beginning in late May your financial income picture may begin to fluctuate.

Saturn in Capricorn , , , Saturn Transits

At times it will be higher than normal and at other times lower. Mars begins retrograde motion in June and will not complete its cycle until October. From June to the end of the year it is better to avoid taking aggressive moves in any direction. Are you restless? Wishing for a break from the routine of your life? You may or may not recognize it, but Uranus will help you break free of fears that have chained you to the old grind.

Saturn moves into your 9th sector, suggesting that you will begin some type of educational program. Another option that Saturn has is to steer you into travel for career purposes. Jupiter has been in your seventh sector since Oct. It remains through Oct. It can increase clientele and friendships as well. Venus, your planetary ruler, turns retrograde in Oct. You may be drawn back to a previous relationship between Oct.

You develop much greater awareness of the unconscious and your interest in alternate forms of healing intensifies. Episodes of intuition or psychic awareness are likely to increase. Saturn in Capricorn requires you to focus on the consequences, responsibilities and liabilities of sharing resources with others.

There may be work to do related to managing your own finances or those of someone else. You likely will feel the need to clarify and legalize matters concerning your estate. Jupiter transits your 6th sector through Oct. If you need healing, now is the time to pursue solutions. Your routines and habit patterns can be directed toward the best outcomes here. Mercury retrograding in your 7th house of partnerships in Nov.

Past, Present, and Future Dates for Saturn’s passage through the sign of Capricorn.

This is a time to rethink your significant other and re-decide to remain together. For some, you will feel drawn to enter a stronger, contractual relationship beyond that which you now have. There may be signs of dissolving commitments for those already married. What you need is a new or improved purpose together that may reignite the original spark. The eclipse seasons are focused in Feb. For Cancerians, these eclipses point toward your financial houses. There will be significant impact relating to decisions and changes that involve your income and other resources.

You likely will be organizing new financial plans around changes in partnership status. There is a single new moon eclipse that occurs on July 12 in your sign. It suggests a plan, just barely taking form, that will give you a long term sense of security. This is an annual ritual for you. On Jan.


This emphasizes its meaning. You could fall into a battle of wills there, but the ideal solution is to work toward a meeting of minds through looking openly at the facts and arriving jointly at a peaceful negotiation. Throughout the year Saturn will travel through your sixth sector of health and habit patterns. This began in Dec of and continues for two more years.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

The requirement is to upgrade your personal healthcare, lest it wreak havoc on your body. Saturn is a stern taskmaster and does not allow backsliding. Your life direction needs to shift toward freedom from whatever binds you to your past. Think about that. This may come about through travel, higher education or attraction to people who hail from an altogether different environment. This is the time for intentional application of your creative energy and to take steps toward manifesting your dreams of fulfillment. Something deep inside you, no more than two years in your consciousness, wants to be expressed.

The assignment of each Capricorn is to embrace their opposing sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon, just like every Aquarius has a task to embrace the Sun from Leo.

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Having these two lights in this numeral analysis on two sides of Pluto, we must recognize their importance for the bigger picture. This is the date that always speaks of a deep change of perspective, inner light and emotional state. A shift from emotional to rational, from subconscious, through unconscious to conscious. It is a place where something must resurface, be found, dug out, or discovered. From the masses of people only one king will rise, and it is up to these people to find the excellence and royalty within, while separating from family ties, patterns, and emotional ties, to become a leader.

This date is a place for gatherings of those who are important, and the Moon with the Sun adds to that image. This symbol speaks about important people, men in the clearest masculine, leading principle, and their power, influence and ability to affect the world from the shadows, conspiring or arranging things for everyone else. We can see that the numeral value of January 20th comes down to number 3 and the rule of Jupiter.

Capricorn October 2019 Astrology GARGANTUAN OPPORTUNITY From Left Field

It is easy to recognize an obvious need to reconcile differences and progress through love, family, and relationships towards self-discovery and fulfillment, but it is just as clear that this person is born to think, travel, learn, expand and teach. As their convictions start to change for the better and they start to build reasonable optimism, they will know they are on the right path. Emotional life of people born on the 20th of January is quite a rollercoaster, for they are born with an intense set of feelings and trying to shove them under the rug for the most of their lifetime.

It is typical for them to attract and choose partners who will hurt them in some way, just so they can rationalize and move on, closing their heart bit by bit, year after year. If they stop nurturing the child within, they could become distant and closed, drawn apart from the rest of the world and lonely in their attempt to protect their sensitive insides.

It is the system of beliefs and their pink goggles that define the direction in which their love life will move.