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16 Experts Give Their Top Tips for Wildlife Gardening
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Plus pay no extra postage and save on a selection of other spring bulbs. Thursday, 30 May, at pm. Unlock now. Subscribe now. Related content. Make your garden butterfly friendly.

Living With Nature: How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden | Dengarden

Habitats for garden birds. Perennials for butterflies. It will attract aquatic invertebrates, breeding dragonflies and many others to its margins. A simple way to make your garden better for bugs is let nature take its course and leave things to go a little wild. Different invertebrates like different grass heights. White clover and Buttercups are great for pollinators.

Wildlife friendly gardens

Worker wasps are excellent caterpillar and aphid hunters. Marigolds, Sage or Lavendar near prize vegetables or flowers can deter insect pests.

Smelly nasturtiums also lure egg-laying butterflies away from cabbages. Recycling and responsible sourcing is better for the planet and often for your pocket! Over-abstraction has serious impacts on wetland and aquatic invertebrates, so reduce your tapwater use where possible.

How to make a Wildlife Garden

Water in the evenings when less of it will evaporate. Avoid using sprinklers.

  • 1. Bird box and feeding.
  • The Four Essentials of a Wildlife-Friendly Garden: Food, Shelter, Water, and Nesting Sites.
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Make your water butt pollinator-friendly with the Buttacup range. See a list of invasives here.

23 Tips for Creating Wildlife-Friendly Gardens

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How to create a wildlife garden

Wildlife Friendly Gardens. Garden beds, filled with flowering plants and shrubs, give nectar rich food to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, as well as seeds, berries and cover for birds and small mammals.

Check out our list of locally available plants that are beneficial, beautiful and easy to care for too. Trees and hedges offer roosting and nesting sites for birds and mammals, as well as valuable shelter and protection from the elements and possible predators.

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Water features, bird baths or even a small dish of water or a wet sponge for butterflies are important sites within your garden for drinking and bathing. Refrain from using chemical pesticides and herbicides in your garden and around your home. They are known to harm wildlife and human health too.