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go to link A world-famous character that continues to charm and amuse, presenting Egyptian culture to younger children in a brilliant way. Can they save the world? Full of shocking twists and turns, this will have even the most reluctant-to-read child hooked from the get go.

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To try and cheer Topher up, his dad takes in a stray cat — only this cat bears a striking resemblance to an Ancient Egyptian cat ornament his mum gave him. What could it all mean? Simple to follow, this reinvention turns the tale we all know on its head and makes it fun, exciting and educational. Find out more about her childhood by the Nile, her complicated family alliances both of her sisters were rulers before her but killed by rival political factions and her ambitions in this first-person "diary" account of her life.

But what will the pharaoh's strange new religion and his belief in only one god mean for Tutmose, Ibrim and their family, and can the pharaoh be trusted?

Nut, Shu and Geb

This thriller is a great read for kids studying life in ancient Egypt and is set in BC. A great introduction to kids' historical fiction. More like this. Best children's books about Ancient Greece. Egyptian life and culture. Pyramids and mummies. Two ram-headed gods stand beside Shu. Drawing: Catherine Fitzpatrick. Geb and Nut produced four offspring: Seth , the god of disorder; Osiris , the god of order; and their sisters, Nephthys and Isis. This new generation completed the Heliopolitan Ennead, the group of nine deities that began with Atum, the primeval creator god. In another version of the creation story, the city of Hermopolis , in Middle Egypt, substituted the Ennead with a group of eight deities called the Ogdoad.

It consisted of four pairs of gods and goddesses symbolizing different aspects of the chaos that existed before creation. The goddesses were depicted as snakes and the gods as frogs.

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The sun god, Re a form of Atum , ruled over the earth, where humans and divine beings coexisted. Humans were created from the Eye of Re or wedjat eye of wholeness.

This happened when the eye separated from Re and failed to return. Shu and Tefnut went to fetch it, but the eye resisted. In the ensuing struggle, the eye shed tears from which humans were born.

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The familiar eye motif is an enduring symbol for the creator, Atum, for Re and for Horus , the son of Osiris and Isis. It represents the power to see, to illuminate and to act. Maintaining right and order to prevent the earth from falling into chaos was central to the pharaoh's role.

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Another version of the creation myth states that the wedjat simply wandered off, so Re sent Thoth , the moon god, to fetch it. When it returned, the eye found that another eye had taken its place. To pacify the furious eye, Re placed it on his brow in the shape of a uraeus a cobra goddess , where it could rule the whole world.

Pharaohs wore the uraeus on their brows as a symbol of protection and to show that they were descended from the sun god.

When Re became old, the deities tried to take advantage of his senility. Even humans plotted against him, which led to their fall from divine grace. In reaction to the rebellion, Re sent his eye to slaughter the rebels, a deed he accomplished by transforming himself into Sekhmet , a raging powerful goddess depicted as a lion. After punishing his foes, he changed himself into the contented goddess Hathor depicted as a cow. In pain, and weary of these problems, Re withdrew from the world. Taking the form of Hathor, he mounted on Nut sky , who raised him to the heavens.

The other gods clung to Hathor's belly and became the stars. Following this, Thoth, the moon god, was given a spell to protect humans from harm when the sun disappeared below the earth. From that moment on, humans were separated from the gods, as earth was separated from the heavens.

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The creation myth promulgated in the city of Hermopolis focused on the nature of the universe before the creation of the world. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. The ancient Egyptians also had a legend stating that their people had been cannibals until Osiris and Isis taught them about then persuaded them to use the practice of agriculture. Two ram-headed gods stand beside Shu. As is the case with ghost stories from around the world, the Khonsemhab tale operates on two levels: entertainment and cultural education. The sun god was carried across the sky by the scarab god, Khepri, a dung beetle.

Now Re lived in the heavens, where order was established. Each morning he was reborn in the east and travelled across the sky in a boat, called the Bark of Millions of Years, accompanied by a number of gods who acted as his crew.

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The sun god was carried across the sky by the scarab god, Khepri, a dung beetle. His chief enemy was the Apep, a huge serpent that lived in the Nile and the waters of Nun. Apep tried to obstruct the solar bark's daily passage, but the sun god was ultimately victorious.

Osiris and the Pharaoh

The sun god was the most important deity in the Egyptian pantheon. He had many names: as the sun disk, he was Aten; as the rising sun, he was Khepri, the scarab; at the sun's zenith, he was Re, the supreme god of Heliopolis; and as the setting sun, he was Atum. Egypt's pyramids and obelisks, as well as the sphinx , were associated with the sun god.