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Singapore’s next-generation AFV seen with missile-capable remote weapons station
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Spynel Series. Geroh Rotzler Welp Armouring. HIZIR 4x4.

Army's Newest Airborne Unit Gets Second-Hand But Air Droppable USMC LAV-25 Armored Vehicles

This missile is used attack enemy tanks and other armor targets within meters to 5, meters, and it can also attack armored concrete plants and other targets. During the military parade in Beijing the 01 October , the missile was mounted to the he chassis of the wheeled armoured vehicle WZ Variants :. No variants. Back menu.

The AFT-9 or HJ-9 anti-tank wheeled armoured vehicle is equipped with four launcher tubes mounte to the top at the rear of the hull. In road positiion, the launcher ubnit can be lowered on the top of the hull. The missile has a claimed armour penetration of 1,mm, or over mm at 68 degree.

It might also be able to be fitted with high explosive or thermal effect warheads for use against non-armoured point targets, bunkers or fortifications.

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The missile is driven by two solid rocket motors one ejection, one cruise , with a maximum firing range of 5,m. The missile has an extended probe on its head for greater standoff and penetration. For his self-protection, the vehicle is equipped 4-barrel 75mm smoke grenade launcher mounted to eeach side of the hull.

The WZ is a 4x4 wheeled chassis and is motorised with hp turbo-charged diesel. Standard equipment includes collective NBC protection system and automated fire suppression system.

BM-13 Missile Truck

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Protection against firing of small arms and shell splinters. The vehicle was developed by Russia after the end of the Cold War, when the Russian Army sustained heavy tank and armored vehicle losses fighting Chechen rebels.

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The BMP-T was a heavily armored tank hull with a new turret in place of a turret that would traditionally hold a main gun. The new turret featured a 2A42 millimeter autocannon, two millimeter grenade launchers, and four Kornet anti-tank missiles. The result was a vehicle that could protect tanks by delivering withering fire against infantry anti-tank teams, and in a pinch destroy enemy tanks.

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The BMP-T would ride shotgun into battle with Russian tanks, allowing them to focus on killing other enemy tanks. Now, nearly 20 years after the original Terminator was developed, the Russian vehicle has a Chinese cousin.

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The QN armored vehicle is designed to fulfill a similar task. It is very heavily armed, with a millimeter cannon, 7. It even carries a quadcopter drone for intelligence and surveillance tasks. The result is a vehicle that can kill enemy tanks, light armored vehicles, helicopters, drones, soft-skinned vehicles, and infantry. The QNC missile allegedly can allegedly penetrate 1, millimeters of armor and has a top attack mode to penetrate thinner roof armor on main battle tanks.

The millimeter QN mini missiles sound like a Chinese version of the U. QNs can penetrate 60 millimeters of steel armor or millimeters of reinforced concrete. The S is a propeller-driven missile, apparently with a camera in the nose, that can fly over the battlefield and home in on targets chosen by the gunner. The drone can fly to a range of 6.

QN could use the drone to find targets for the S missiles, providing armored forces with their own precision artillery support. The drone could also be used to locate enemy forces before they make contact with the main Chinese force. Other sensors include a gunshot detection system that can automatically target the source of incoming gunfire.

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The Army is planning to strap more tank-killing missiles to its Stryker armored on a Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle, ready to be fired at the 7th Army Training. An armored fighting vehicle (AFV) or armored fighting vehicle is an armed combat vehicle .. be designed to take hits from other tank guns and anti-tank missiles, whilst light reconnaissance vehicles are often only armoured "just in case".