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As Lon and Anna celebrate their love and togetherness, the children accept the future move to New York that their father wishes. Lon Jr, home for Christmas, is also perturbed; he wanted Lucille to go to the dance with him. With no one else to go with, Lon Jr and Rose end up going together, although they are not happy about it. Esther goes with her Grandfather.

The plan backfires when Lucille turns out to be sweet and understanding.


Verse 5: The clerks in the banks said, "it's queer, did anyone see the cashier? Here stately French Second Empire homes play host to some of the city's most distinguished wine bars. Freed felt strongly enough about their abilities to ask them to write new songs for Meet Me In St. This is the first ever official release on record of the soundtrack version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Since that time, Meet Me In St. Louis" had encouraged MGM to create further movies involving the Smith family and was to be based on further tales of Sally Benson's family.

She suggests that Rose pair with Warren, and she will partner with Lon Jr. Esther cannot let Lucille dance with the men listed on the card, and she takes the dance card herself and bravely dances with all the dolts. Toward the end of the dance, John arrives and dances with her. In the garden under the moon, John and Esther kiss, and John proposes. He plans to leave college and get a job to support her.

However, Esther realizes that they are too young to marry; he must finish college before marriage. At home, Tootie rushes out to destroy the snow people she has made, crying that so no else will have them after the family moves to New York. Esther comforts her, and they look forward to Christmas. Lon Sr, watching from the window, sees his daughters in the snow, and realizes how much they want to stay in St Louis.

He assembles his family and tells them that he has changed his mind, they will not move. In the spring, the family, dressed in their finest, go to the Exposition. All the young couples are happy. Everyone is thrilled that the Exposition is in their own home town. This colorful musical ranks among the finest films of the s.

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Its an almost perfect example of Americana, the idealization of the life of middle class Americans in a small city around the turn of the century. The lives of the members of the Smith family in the year before the opening of the St Louis Fair of are appealingly sweet and sentimental. Technicolor photography flatters the actors, especially the women in their colorful dresses, and enhances the beautiful settings. Subject Topical -- Sterling, Andrew B.

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"Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis", better known as just "Meet Me in St. Louis", is a popular song from which celebrated the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also. Meet Me in St. Louis is a American Technicolor musical film made by Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer. Divided into a series of seasonal vignettes, starting with.

Boys and Girls Like You and Me. All Hallow's Eve.