Marijuana Smokers Guidebook - The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook : The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains
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go I spent 12 years smuggling pot in the Caribbean. And 8 years in prison for my troubles. This is a collection of stories, very FUNNY stories, about my years off shore, on the run, and in prison for my excesses. Would you folks be interested in reviewing it and posting your review? And have a good time reading the electronic version to each other. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Email Address:. First Name:. Marijuana for Everybody! A Journal Record your highdeas in one place! About Latest Posts. Jenna Homen. Content and Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found painting, cooking, camping, or petting her dog Harley. Marijuana Alaska July 13, at am Thanks for the info! How was it grown? What exactly is inside of this magical plant that I adore so much? What am I actually putting inside of my body? There is more to smoking weed than general dankness and potency.

Just like those homegrown spinach salads you shovel into your gobs at Whole Foods, so to should your weed be held to the same high stand of production. Yes, this includes your marijuana. Since before the birth of the hipster, there has been a collective of those who prefer to consume the healthiest plants, foods and substances for human consumption. Unfortunately, modern farming techniques are more hell bent on mass production rather than the bodily health and environmental damage caused by these methods. So what is with all of this unhealthy food production? As the world population has skyrocketed over the past century, the demand for food placed pressure on producers who succumbed to the modern industrial method of farming.

Farming became about mass production, without any consideration for the damage that production had on both the earth and the product themselves. Toxic substances such as pesticides, damaging fertilizers and hydroponics have become so normalized in modern farming and food production that many rarely think about what effects these chemicals and methods have on our food. We never really take a second to wonder how this fresh summer squash got into this grocery store and onto our plates.

A new movement in produce production is rapidly gaining more and more traction. Now, some producers strive for quality over quantity, which ends up giving consumers healthier products all over the globe. Instead of the shortsighted vision of mass production, focus is instead shifting towards the way these products are produced.

Cannabis 101

Sure, the food I eat may be shifting towards a more healthy method of production, but what does it have to do with Marijuana? Marijuana is the most widely used, non-addictive substance in the world. There should be equal discrimination for everything we consume. This is the easiest way. Just like the mass production of corn, lettuce of vegetables en masse, so to are there mass methods for growing your weed.

It is not so much considered a plant as it is a drug. But government certified or not, organic marijuana still absolutely exists.


Declutter Your Home. Whatever your requirements, the location of your grow room must be secret. Green Planet provides great nutrients for all types of growers. The male develops small clusters of white flowers that release pollen before dropping from the plant. The nutrient content of commercial guano products can vary considerably based on the diet of the birds or bats. You cannot change this; autos will automatically start flowering due to an internal countdown. Once the or- ganisms begin to break down the vegetable matter in the compost Fresh clone with a coco coir cup.

And it is the way to go when choosing your product. Jeff Lowenfels , A Harvard grad, lawyer, and passionate Alaskan gardener gave birth to a new era of cultivating marijuana that set the tone for the organic movement in America.

This means, no outside, human interference. It means no pesticides, no chemicals and no harm to the finished product. It means allowing the earth to create plants without forcing unnatural growth. Lawns seemed to be perfect; exactly how one would want them once the snow melts in the spring. The grass was green, fertile and clean.

During the autumn season when the leaves fall and hit the ground, mulch up, and are left alone, nature take its course. Without any fertilizer to interrupt. When you leave out all the extra human interference, the process is called: organic. Go figure. A soil food web is made up of the community of organisms that lives completely or partially in the soil. The soil food outlines a quite complex living system in regards to the soil and how it interacts with the plants, animals, and the environment around it.

Once Alaskan homeowners and gardeners saw their greens more lively in their bloom than ever before, the word started to spread. Growing organically was a no-brainer: better for the environment, more natural, and better results. As time went on, produce became more and more popular. Suddenly, it was truly en vogue to buy, grow and eat only organically grown food And as the organic food movement permeated the fabric of society, people began seeking out organic alternatives to not just their food, but in everything they consumed. Of course, this natural chain of events eventually lead to the desire for an organic marijuana or smoke and ingest.

In states such as Colorado and California , where the organic food trend was particularly robust organic marijuana grew in popularity. Nationwide, generation is moving more towards an era of acceptance and legalization of marijuana. With states beginning to legalize not only medical usage, but also recreational, more stipulations for the methods of cannabis cultivation will fall into place.

In fact, they already are. And thus, begins the true era of organic cannabis cultivation. The toxin, Piperonyl butoxide PBO , it is a synergist chemical; that is frequently added to pesticides to increase their effectiveness. Peter McWilliams was an American self-help author who advocated for the legalization of marijuana. He died in This book taps on interviews in which he discusses a variety of topics, including the inspiration for his writing, cannabis and creativity, his work with medical marijuana, and the political controversy surrounding it.

The step-by step-guide is divided in the 4 main stages of growing a plant: Preparation, Germination, Vegetation and Harvest. Graham talks about the materials you need and the most common mistakes to avoid. Included are images that help you understand the explanations and procedures, along with many tips to become a successful grower. While marijuana is a medicinal plant in abundant supply, Ventura says it has wrongly been demonized.

He wonders if Big Pharma is pressuring the government to continue to deny sick people access.

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This is a comprehensive, illustrated, DIY book on making marijuana derivatives at home. This book contains more than 75 cannabis spa recipes that can be made in your kitchen with herbal ingredients. Cannabis spa potions such as lotions, salves, poultices, scrubs, and baths are being rediscovered as a healthy alternative for managing pain, soothing irritated skin, and enhancing the spa experience. The author shows you how to make: refrigerated and shelf-stable cannabis lotions, creams, balms, and masks, Emulsions, cannabis base oils, cannabis herbal poultices, aromatherapy essence water, cannabis bath salts, and foot and hand soaks.

This concise guide to cannabis delves into pot culture and history, from Herodotus to the hippies and beyond. Journalist Steve Elliott also covers the essentials of using, cultivating, and cooking with weed; identifying pot varieties; and understanding legal and health issues. It also covers side effects and risks, to medical uses.

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People who are in pain and tired of pharmaceutical medicines are turning to medical marijuana to help cure their problems. This book covers what you need to know about medical marijuana and what it can do to enhance your life. It outlines examples of how medical marijuana has improved the lives of millions of people in pain. Expert Michael Backes offers information on using cannabis to treat an array of ailments and conditions. Marijuana expert Ed Rosenthal and cannabis reporter David Downs guide you through the best new consumer products, and show how to make and use the safest, cleanest extracts.

It details how artisans make hash and concentrates, including techniques using dry ice and CO2. It covers making kief, water hash, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from cannabis leaves, trim, and bud bits.

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It also explores marijuana-infused products. The book reexamines the existing science on cannabis cultivation. It looks at plant physiology as it pertains to cannabis cultivation and delves into special topics that help the cultivator understand how to achieve the best yields. The author reviews basic plant physiology, creating your own grow room and building your own geo, hydro and hybrid growing systems. Growing marijuana indoors has been rapidly growing in popularity. Indoor growing involves using artificial light instead of sunlight or using hydroponics which uses water, nutrients and air instead of soil.

Growing indoors provides a measure of safety and you can grow it year around. Lighting is probably the most important part of growing cannabis indoors. It needs proper amounts of the correct lighting to thrive. This guide prepares you with the basics of indoor gardening, the most important foundations for operating grow light technology and understanding the science around it.

The founder and chairman of Green Man Cannabis, the fastest-growing marijuana company in the country, Hageseth gives us a tour through the wild frontier of marijuana cultivation, where police hardly know what laws to enforce, or parents what to tell their kids.

Indica vs Sativa: The Difference You Need To Know Between Cannabis Types

He paints a colorful picture not only of how he got into the business, but of the big interests that are eager to do the same— Big Tobacco, Big Agra, and Big Pharma. Much like beer and coffee, he says, your brand of weed will be just one more reflection of your lifestyle. The Marijuana Grow Bible teaches the basics about growing marijuana for less than a dollar.

Both indoors and outdoors, from seed to harvest and everything else around growing marijuana. Even when you grow legally there are still some risks involved, such as theft. Pests or diseases can ruin your harvest. Other environmental factors can be a bad influence on your marijuana plants. This bible covers them all. The author argues that marijuana has no dangerous side effects since everyone is born with natural receptors for marijuana.

In this book, the author talks about the medical, psychological and spiritual benefits of marijuana. Used correctly, it offers benefits to everyone, Gray says. In the future, it will be able to be a force for good if the lawmakers let this plant be freely available.

This book argues that proper education is the key factor in deciding whether cannabis is right for you or not.