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View Product. Our Explosive Ideas journal is blanks pages with an amazing design.

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We hope you enjoy We hope you enjoy using our journals. We believe everyone has a story to write or drawings to draw and dreams to dream. Let your imagination run wild, fill these For the Multi-Passionate: A Notebook. Dear You yes, You!

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Guitar Note Finder Learn the note names on the fretboard in a piecemeal fashion, and map them to notes on the music staff. Star Notenblock Tabulatur Just click the print button, that's it! The tab intro is usually your indication of which strum or fingerpicking pattern to use in the rest of the piece. Your Contacts.

Hop, skip, and jump no more. This notebook is built just for you, the Capture your chord progressions, ideas and inspirations on fret charts. Everything is there to help you quickly write a visual record of your creative ideas. CD with demos of every example. Teaches power chords, riffs, scales, licks, bends, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slide in the styles of Eric Clapton, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and more.

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Learn to play chords on the ukulele with this comprehensive, yet easy-to-use book. The Ukulele Chord Finder contains more than a thousand chord diagrams for the most important 28 chord types, including three voicings for each chord! This hands-on guide takes you step-by-step through the techniques of playing the drawbar organ, one skill at a time. Accompanying CD includes 21 exercises and more! The standard in Piano exercise books. How to Play the 5-String Banjo, 3rd Ed.

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Covers Basic strums, the fifth string, hammer ons, pull offs, double thumbing, more. With DVD! For unaccompanied violin. A complete guide diagramming over 1, guitar chords in their most common voicings. The book is arranged chromatically and each chord is illustrated in three ways for three levels of difficulty! Covers: Specific Rhythm Phrasing - interpreting 8th notes, specific rhythm figures; Open Phrasing - exploring tempos and styles, working with ballads; Tips on Performance and more! It breaks down the process into simple yet fun activities, with many musical examples to illustrate the points made.

With accompanying CD. Jazz Piano Level 1: Five levels of graded pieces contain a wealth of jazz repertoire!

Guitar Manuscript Paper

Jazz Piano Level 2: Five levels of graded pieces contain a wealth of jazz repertoire! Jazz Piano Level 3: Five levels of graded pieces contain a wealth of jazz repertoire!

Jazz Piano Level 4: Five levels of graded pieces contain a wealth of jazz repertoire! Jazz Piano Level 5: Five levels of graded pieces contain a wealth of jazz repertoire!

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The first-ever comprehensive book about lap-steel and console steel guitars. Includes: interviews and profiles of more than 35 steel guitarists, resources for guitars, amplifiers, steel guitar tunings; and much more. Presents scale diagrams for the most often-used scales and modes in an orderly and easily accessible fashion. Reference guide or foundation.

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Berklee Press, A Modern Method For Guitar, Volume 1: Teaches scales, melodic, chord and appregio studies, how to read music, accompaniment techniques, exercises for two hand technique and voice leading using moveable chord forms! Berklee Press, A Modern Method For Guitar, Volume 2: Builds upon the studies in Volume 1 covering the entire fingerboard and also addresses intervals, chord voicings, improvisation, rhythm guitar techniques, play-along duets!

Chord Qualities and chord and scale positions around the neck! With clear and easy-to-understand exercises, The Piano Handbook is perfect for anyone interested in learning the piano or improving their skills. Conveniently sized to fit in your guitar case, this handy reference provides easy-to-see photos and easy-to-read chord grids for more than guitar chords! The Practical Jazz Guitarist - Essential Tools for Soloing, Comping and Performing: theory, technique, and conceptual framework for how to play jazz: comping chords, soloing, and playing with expression, facility, and good hand health.