Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Progress

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Pierre Delforge, a senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council, issued a statement that noted electric heat pumps still face hurdles in the market. You have free article s left. Already a subscriber? Sign in. See Subscription Options. Get smart. Markets with high shares of electric heating e. France illustrate the impact of electric heat demand during the winter and on extremely cold days.

How a heat pump works

Heat pumps with high energy performance factors can help reduce the overall tendency of demand peaks, but flexibility through demand side response will still be required to shift some demand to off-peak hours. In addition, heat pumps have the potential to provide electricity grid stabilisation in the context of grid decarbonisation, especially with increasing shares of variable renewables in the energy mix.

I ncreasing heat pump attractiveness would buttress the clean energy transition, ensuring good heating equipment efficiency that can be employed affordably in different building applications and with other clean energy technologies such as solar PV and energy storage. While extremely efficient, GSHPs are more expensive than other heat pump systems primarily due to installation costs, though these vary depending on the type of installation e. Their reaction time to rapid or extreme temperature changes can also be long.

Geothermal technologies could help overcome multiple barriers to the decarbonisation of heating and cooling, such as increasing system efficiency by providing heating and cooling services at the same time, since commercial buildings often have simultaneous heating and cooling demand.

Residential buildings can also have cooling demand at the same time as domestic water heating needs e.

This IEA report explores the critical role of buildings in meeting climate change targets, using a portfolio of clean energy solutions that exist today. It considers the investments and strategies needed to enable the buildings sector transition, and the multiple benefits of transformation, including improving the quality and affordability of energy services in buildings for billions of people. This report documents the status and trends of key indicators to track energy use, emissions, technologies, policies, and investments in the buildings and construction sector, and it highlights examples of how countries, cities, organisations and other stakeholders are already working towards sustainable buildings and construction.

The HPT TCP is a non-profit organisation aiming to accelerate the implementation of heat pumping technologies, including air conditioning and refrigeration, especially where they can reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewal energy sources for the benefit of the environment. Caroline H. Contact information info iea. World Energy Outlook Paris, France. Oil Market Report Online. Media contacts press iea.

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Member countries. Today Tracking Clean Energy Progress Are the sectors and technologies critical to the clean energy transition on track? Browse all IEA publications Contact us. Heat pumps Tracking Clean Energy Progress. Not on track Nearly 18 million households purchased heat pumps in , up from 14 million in Tracking progress Heat pumps continue to represent a small share of total residential heating equipment, as more than three-quarters of sales globally were for fossil fuel or conventional electric technologies in Technology trends Air-to-air heat pumping technologies dominate global sales for buildings, but purchases of other heat pump types such as air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps have also expanded in recent years.

The Rise and Rise of the Heat Pump

Heat pump water heaters For example, sales of heat pump water heaters for sanitary hot water production have more than tripled since , largely driven by purchases in China. Ground-source heat pumps Ground-source heat pumps GSHP are less common globally, with annual sales of around units. Reversible heat pumps Heat pump purchases are on the rise overall, but this appears to be driven mainly by growing demand for space cooling.

The molecules of the gas rub against each other more as a result of the increased pressure in a confined space.

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This produces higher temperatures which are used for the heating circuit. In the third step, the hot gas gives up its heat to the heating system.

Purchasing Energy-Efficient Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

The refrigerant becomes liquid again. Finally, an expansion valve reduces the pressure generated in step 2, so that the refrigerant re-absorbs ambient heat and the process can start again. Vaillant heat pumps may also be used to cool the house during the summer months. Depending on the intensity of the required cooling performance and the existing supply system, active or passive cooling will be suitable.

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With the active reversal of the heating circuit the heat pump may be used as a cooling module in summer. The heat extracted from the heating system is then actively transferred to the heat source — e. The former liquefier works as an evaporator in cooling. It transfers the room heat to the coolant.

Tracking progress

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The gaseous coolant is then led into the condenser and from there to the heat exchanger which releases the heat extracted from the rooms to the ground. If during the summer months the room temperatures exceed the temperatures of the energy source, the heat pumps may as well operate as "natural cooling".

It is quite easy to realise this function from the technical point of view. With "natural cooling" the primary circuit pump is switched on while the condenser is not operated. The heat transfer medium, e.

There, it gets into contact with the heating water which is at room temperature, it has been transported there by the heating circuit pumps. Temperatures of these 2 fluids are brought to the same level now.

Heat Pumps Explained - How Heat Pumps Work HVAC