Environmental Finance and Investments

Sustainable Finance: An EU-wide Taxonomy on green investments
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source This book intends to provide students and practitioners with the knowledge and the theoretical tools necessary to answer these and other related questions in the context of the so-called environmental finance theory.

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This is a new research strand that investigates the economic, financial, and managerial impacts of carbon pricing policies. Marc Chesney holds a Ph. He is an expert in quantitative finance real options and environmental economics. His research is focused on real options, environmental and climate economics, and REDD schemes. Since then she is enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Zurich, under the supervision of Prof.

Marc Chesney. Her research interests are environmental and resource economics, market failures, real options, and development economics. Luca Taschini is an expert in environmental economics, industrial organisation, energy economics, finance and the application of economics to public policy issues.

His current research investigates how market-based environmental regulations are working in theory and in practice. More specifically, he is studying the functioning of cost containment mechanisms, market participation restrictions, and the linkage of environmental markets.

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He has led consulting work on market-based instruments including work on designing emission trading systems and the design of the EU Market Stability Reserve and other supply control mechanisms. Importantly, the shift towards environmental finance has driven new entrepreneurial opportunities in financial innovation of green technologies, assets, and economic growth.

Examples such as green crowd lending and crowd equity investments, solar microfinance, and innovating financing models such as Clean Power Finance have led the way. Green bond issues, options on mispriced stranded assets, shadow pricing of asset risk to capture market signals and drive change in corporate behavior were non-existent just a few years ago.

Sustainable financing

The current economic and environmental situation poses fundamental questions that this book aims to answer: Under which conditions could a market-based. This textbook provides an introduction to environmental finance and investments. The current situation raises fundamental questions that this book aims to.

Skip to main content. Department Number We are also active in the sustainability lending market and during we participated in a total of over USD 14 billion worth of sustainability-linked loans from a range of European borrowers. Through our Global Markets team, we launched our own Green Bond Index to complement our existing suite of corporate credit indices, reflecting the importance of the green bond product for buyside clients.

Green bonds: investments generating environmental and ecological benefits

In addition, we offer green finance products and services across a wide range of asset classes in wealth management and investment banking. Throughout , we conducted sustainability-related research across our divisions. In June , our Equity Research Zurich team published an extensive update on its research into themes called supertrends, including new data on the incipient boom in clean vehicles as part of the "millennials" supertrend. In October , Equity Research Australia published "The Age of Plastic", a study that examined the environmental impact of plastics and looked at different actors in the value chain.

It studies long-term economic developments that have a global impact within and beyond the financial services sector or may do so in the future. The CSRI publishes original research on topics ranging from economics and monetary policy to gender equality and consumer behavior.

Green bonds: investments generating environmental and ecological benefits

In investment research, we publish global economic assessments and market outlooks in a range of reports. In , we revised one of our core research publications for clients, originally published in , which examined the role of corporate governance in family-owned companies. Previously, we also conducted assessments of the important role gender diversity plays in corporate performance and published the findings in our Gender study. Credit Suisse also addresses ESG topics through thematic research. Credit Suisse Global Markets Equity Research has developed a method to calculate the probabilities of achieving implied returns in infrastructure investments.

In our Global Markets division, Credit Suisse HOLT, a team focused on corporate performance and the valuation of listed companies, offers a governance framework that systematically scores 2, incentive plans based on their alignment with wealth-creating principles and pay-for-performance best practices.

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It points to weaknesses in international and national policy frameworks as a barrier for investors to take account of ESG issues in their investment processes, […]. The authors discuss the key properties of carbon permit prices needed to determine the right modeling techniques that provide the best fit to the data. He tells Michael Hurley about the bank's next moves. However, supervisory board representation is not a prerequisite for us A streamlined and pragmatic investment process, with our strong drive to understand your technique or concept enabling us to quickly execute the approval and documentation of deals As a subsidiary of ING we can facilitate the provision of other relevant financing products to provide a fully integrated financial solution A flexible investment horizon of approximately five years. Download all Remove all.

Credit Suisse's HOLT team is incorporating data on carbon emissions into its equity research platform, with the aim of allowing investors to assess carbon intensity and carbon-adjusted returns in conjunction with operating performance. The framework is being extended to cover water withdrawal and waste production. In addition, tools are being developed to model the impact of environmental factors on equity valuation across different scenarios. Further information.


Corporate responsibility Banking Responsible investments. Responsible investments. Sustainable returns. Sustainable Investment Credit Suisse's sustainable investment offering comprises portfolio solutions and products across a range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, real estate, alternative investments, thematic investments and index solutions.