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Elements of Numerical Analysis with Mathematica

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List of numerical analysis topics - Wikipedia

Discontinuous Galerkin approximations: building bridges between theory and applications. Helmut Harbrecht Carlos Jerez-Hanckes. Daisuke Tagami. A balancing domain decomposition method incorporating virtual elements for magnetostatic problems. Andrea Moiola Euan Spence. Acoustic and electromagnetic transmission problems: wavenumber-explicit bounds and resonance-free regions.

Week 02 The Finite-Difference Method - Taylor Operators

High order H curl -conforming approximation spaces in curved meshes for photonic waveguide analysis. Non overlapping domain decomposition methods with non local transmission conditions for electromagnetic wave propagation. Sonia Fliss. Patrick Ciarlet Maryna Kachanovska.

Finite elements method Numerical Problems with Solutions

Lorenzo Mascotto Alexander Pichler. Guillaume Sylvand. Hasan Eruslu Francisco-Javier Sayas. Shukai Du Francisco-Javier Sayas. Leslie Greengard Jason Kaye. Alejandra Barrios Manuel Solano. Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin formulation based on Voigt notation for computational mechanics. Weifeng Qiu Ke Shi. Helmut Harbrecht Johannes Tausch.

Shape holomorphy of the boundary integral operators in acoustic wave scattering: applications to forward and inverse uncertainty quantification.

Wave diffraction by random surfaces: uncertainty quantification via sparse tensor boundary elements and shape calculus. Sergio Caucao Gabriel N. Gatica Felipe Sandoval.

Numerical Methods

A fully-mixed finite element method for the coupling of the Navier-Stokes and Darcy-Forchheimer equations. A priori and a posteriori error analyses of a high order mixed-FEM for Stokes flows on curved domains. Conservative discontinuous finite volume and mixed schemes for a new four-field formulation in poroelasticity. Mario Alvarez Gabriel N. Stabilized finite element approximation for a generalized Boussinesq problem: a posteriori error analysis. Ernesto Castillo Ramon Codina. Numerical analysis for a stabilized hybrid stabilized primal discontinuous Galerkin method for the heat problem.

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Peter Henrici Elements of Numerical Analysis John Wiley & Sons Inc. Acrobat 7 Pdf Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DRC. Cambridge Core - Numerical Analysis and Computational Science - Elements of Numerical Analysis - by Radhey S. Gupta.

Convergence analysis for the dynamic diffusion method applied to advection-diffusion-reaction problems. A multiscale hybrid method using mixed finite elements for two-phase flow considering gravity effects. Jie Shen. Log orthogonal functions: their approximation properties and applications to fractional differential equations. Hu Chen Martin Stynes.

The Finite Element Method (FEM)

For convective time-dependent problems, there is also the option to convect the refinement of the mesh via the solution in a previous time step. The strength of the approach lies in its simplicity and generality. Computational Geosciences 11 :2, Home Elements Of Numerical Analysis. Numerische Mathematik 60 :1, Journal of Numerical Mathematics 17

A higher-order method on a fitted mesh for time-fractional initial-value and initial-boundary value problems. Juan P. Borthagaray Wenbo Li Ricardo Nochetto. Jens Melenk Alexander Rieder.

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