How to Fix a Broken Special Operations Culture
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go site They're part of Borderlands' design—though the classic Borderlands 2 Bee shield and Conference Call shotgun combo did get nerfed. Melting raid bosses, the kind of enemy meant to challenge a broken build, was a touch too far. Those campaign bosses are fair game though.

Borderlands 3 has yet to produce a similarly overpowered combination, but there are plenty of ridiculous vault hunter builds already out there. Here's a few of the wildest so far.

Spoiler warning: all these builds were made with max level vault hunters and assume viewers have finished the campaign. Location and boss spoilers ahead. Phaseslam and a little kiss. Investing in skills that increase damage to enemies after using Phaseslam is the primary strategy, with points invested in gun damages bonuses also contributing.

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Their damage resistances go down and your DPS goes up. Shotguns are ideal for that up-front damage, and some roll with multipliers on the first shot, a great fit for this build. Reddit user slipperyekans helpfully put together a character sheet for reference if you'd like to try the build yourself.

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Clear and constant communication, delivered directly and via trusted agents, can help to fix this, but commanders should also be prepared to remove from their positions those who fail to see the light. Holding leaders accountable for what happens in their units is not a new concept, but it is sometimes enforced less than rigorously.

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As a Marine officer steeped in the value of positive leadership,this was a hard lesson for me to learn. But in command of my recruit training company, I found myself failing to fix a situation that I eventually realized no amount of persuasive leadership would resolve. It was only when I explained to the senior drill instructors, who are the cultural power brokers in that environment, that they would lose their jobs if any of their subordinates got in trouble, that things began to improve — dramatically.

More recently, week Rear Adm. All had records of exemplary performance: One article pointed to the fact that they held between them no fewer than 11 bronze stars. Another article called Rear Adm. In a campaign to win back the culture of an organization, the key objective is the workforce themselves, the men and women who form the backbone of any organization. Typically, these people consider themselves to be invaluable members of the organization: loyal, hard-working, and conscientious.

They are the men and women who labor to make things happen.


Broken definition is - violently separated into parts: shattered. How to use broken in a sentence. 3 days ago broken definition: 1. past participle of break 2. damaged, no longer able to work: 3. suffering emotional pain that. Learn more.

They share a bond forged through harsh experiences, a tribal affiliation so profound that it can surpass all other considerations. They are loyal to one another to a degree that only those who have had to depend on others for their lives will understand. But when this loyalty becomes blind, it can lead to the destruction of all that they value. As with a counter-insurgency campaign, leaders need to pare away the general population from the truly bad actors, the irreconcilables.


Of the four special operators accused of killing Melgar, two — Maxwell and Mathews — agreed to testify against the others in return for a lighter sentence. To illustrate this point, it might be worth having men such as Maxwell and Mathews explain to audiences of their peers what caused them ultimately to turn on their accomplices, and how by delaying their decision to do so, they brought to an ignominious end everything that had given them pride and purpose.

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Both have been stripped of rank and special operations insignia and will be dismissed from the service following jail time. Hearing this message directly would undoubtedly have a powerful impact upon those to whom the sense of belonging to an exclusive community cuts to the core of their identity. Reinforcing this kind of behavior through praise, and — where appropriate — tangible reward is a powerful weapon in the culture war. Even when an organization is back on even keel, leaders have to be attuned to symptoms of regression.

Unless they make a continuous effort to inculcate a positive culture, it just takes a handful of bad actors to fill the vacuum and take the organization back into freefall. Hand selected, rigorously trained, and widely emulated, Marine drill instructors who are the guardians of this culture hold totemic status, representing all that is best about the traditions of the Corps.

But when things go wrong within this culture, they go very wrong. Prior to the suicide, there had been indications and warnings aplenty that something was rotten in the state of Parris Island. In one such incident, a drill instructor accused a Muslim recruit of being a terrorist and shoved him into an industrial dryer before turning it on, injuring him in the process. Other drill instructors watched, like sycophants around a school bully, not participating but failing to intervene. A subsequent investigation revealed little and resulted in no punitive action. Within weeks, another Muslim recruit in the same battalion was dead, having jumped off a second-floor balcony in an apparent attempt to escape torment at the hands of his senior drill instructors.

The incident was a sobering reminder of the consequences when leaders fail to recognize cultural decay.