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AdChoices Advertise with us. Most of the 42 stories are brief pages but they pack a wallop and O'Hara wastes no time getting them going. These stories cross-walk across the lives of the people who live in New York City and local environs, and typically are about the people of my parents' generation. This is the beginning of a slippery slope that opens the door to total commercialization. In his attempts to keep the woman, he flatters her, makes promises of reform, explains that he can help her career, says he needs her. The movie stars Allen as a year-old banker whose tiny, indominable mother Mae Questel dominates his life, embarrassing him by showing his baby pictures to strangers and turning up unannounced at his office.

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The New York Stories

Genre Jazz. Styles Hard Bop Post-Bop. Several local hospitals were said to report a surge in births in August , an idea that was too good to fact-check at the time.

But it was, convincingly, later. Among the many problems with this notion, as demographers like Charles Westoff later proved: Coital frequency is not related to fertility. This urban legend will no doubt arise again in the aftermath of the hearteningly conjugal New York Blackout of July But if history is any indicator, those who trusted their cellphone flashlights to brighten their way home, and up the darkened stairs, may have felt more relief than desire when they dropped into bed. Lionel is still infatuated with her, but Paulette wants only his tutelage, which makes things difficult since they live in the same studio-loft.

Paulette dates other people, including a performance artist and a painter.

New York Stories

These deliberate provocations on Paulette's part make Lionel insanely jealous—and fuel his creativity. Lionel and Paulette, it becomes clear, have been using each other: Lionel using her sexually, Paulette using him as a means of entry into the higher spheres of the New York social and art scene. Paulette wants to give up and go home to her parents but Lionel persuades her to stay because New York is where a painter needs to be.

Lionel pours his anxiety and repressed passion into his work. Paintings around the studio show visual metaphors from relations past: stormy skies, burning bridges, and tormented clowns. Lionel realizes that he needs the emotional turmoil of his destructive relationships in order to fuel his art.

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At the art exhibit, Lionel meets another attractive young woman, a struggling painter. He persuades her to become his assistant and potentially his lover, beginning the cycle anew. Sheldon complains constantly to his therapist about her, wishing aloud that she would just disappear.

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The three, as well as Lisa's children from a previous marriage, go to a magic show. His mother is invited on stage to be a part of the magician's act.

Five Tasty Stories About New York City

She is put inside a box that has swords stuck through it and she disappears, just as she is supposed to, but then she never reappears. Although he is furious at first, this development turns out to be great for Sheldon because, with her out of his life, he can finally relax. But soon, to his horror, his mother reappears in the sky over New York City.

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She begins to annoy Sheldon and Lisa with the whole city now watching by constantly talking to strangers about his most embarrassing moments. This puts a strain on his relationship with Lisa, who leaves him. Sheldon is persuaded by his psychiatrist to see a psychic, Treva, to try to get his mother back to reality.