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click here Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 07, Dana Ilie rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. I do not understand why Brandon says that this "is only an okay book", i love it every minute. Maybe I'm being subjective when it comes to Sanderson, but I liked it, and I liked it a lot.

Mar 31, OhWell rated it really liked it Shelves: angels-demons-gods , brandon-sanderson , fantasy-world , magic.

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Amanda Da Costa I am the most disorganized organized person you can meet. Danu dies and her spirit becomes the aether, the atmosphere around the world, that powers the machines in Aetherland. She never turned to others for help when it would have made sense, she was obnoxious and ungracious to those who DID help her. I started learning Ballet at the age of four and I continued learning for three more years. Her emo-dressed-everyone-at-school-hates-me-and-are-stereotypically-nasty-"bad"-"girl" persona gave me some serious fanfiction circa feelings which was rather nostalgic but definitely didn't help me take her very seriously. When a player falls off of an Aether island they will not fall into the void, instead they'll leave the Aether and be spawned high above of their original portal in the overworld and fall straight down, so one is advised to put water around their portal or they will die of fall damage, unless they fell too far away from their original Aether spawn, they'll fall far away from their overworld portal. F Use your phone - Or well, you could just do this.

I will take a draft, unpolished Brandon Sanderson novel over a lot of fully released stories out there. I was hooked from the first chapter, and cheering for the MCs, Raeth in particular. How many other authors can manage to do that? View all 5 comments. Nov 21, Alma rated it it was amazing. Excellent book that every Sanderson fan should read. If you're not a Sanderson fan, disregard the intro and read it even if it's your first Sanderson book. It's very good. Most of the comments on this book are extremely misleading and I will explain why.

Major spoilers. I'm not kidding. Ferrous lines can encase themselves in metal and become immortal Corpates Excellent book that every Sanderson fan should read. Ferrous lines can encase themselves in metal and become immortal Corpates - living machines like walkers, elevators, heating pillars. Bestarin bonds can heal immediately by applying animal tissue on their wounds. Verdant immobilizes adversaries by vining them. Amberite bonds can grow crystalline swords and suits of armor making them invulnerable in battle.

Until the Living Night came and the shadow warriors swept the land like an avalanche made of death. They spawned from the Night pool during the bride Choosing and they are unstoppable. They killed the Emperor and his first Heir, so now it's up to the Emperor's two remaining sons to save the empire. In like every other Sanderson novel, political machinations add complexity and the main characters discover their world and their magic system as the plot progresses. The very ending shows that there's always another secret. We find out that there are, after all, 5 Aethers.

No, wait, 6. Because each 2 Aethers form a pair and cancel each other. And that Aether 5 and 6 and primordial Aethers connected to the very power of creation.

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And the priesthood, who was serving one of the Twin gods of the world but not the other, was covering it all up with the purpose to fulfill their master's wishes. After all, by ensuring that only their own followers survive, each of the Twins could ensure their personal domination over this world. Of course, they would also destroy everything in the process.

So two evil gods seeking to win, shall we say, their bet. Without this information, the conflict is intractable because the Living Night warriors are immortal. When killed, they will respawn until no Bestarin and Amberite bonds are left alive. And this information is deduced, slowly and painfully throughout the whole book, by the main characters. In the end, everything makes perfect sense. You would think mistaken identity is a main theme. It's not. In any other book, it would be.

But you know Sanderson.

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He's just using it in passing here and there to create some funny moments and embarrass his character. In fact, he's making Raeth very likable in that way. With this backstory, Raeth has a lot more depth to him. Despite the ominous introduction, this book is not just okay. It's as good as any of his published ones. Better than Elantris and the first volume of Mistborn. It's faster paced than both and D'Naa is a lot more likable than Sarene. She's adventurous, smart, and - unlike most of Sanderson's feminine characters - she's not annoyingly princessy.

She is useful and powerful and makes for a fun thief. Yes, there's also an insanely ambitious heist mini-plot in this book, just like we're used to having. For Aether, the problem is with how people see it.

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What they expect. They read the intro and actually expect to find flaws. But if you listened to how to Write About Dragons , you know this book is a win by the Sanderson rules guidebook. Many say that Aether is similar to Mistborn or the Stormlight Archive. That's just plain wrong. There are elements of cosmere in this book. However, the way they are used is wholly unlike the plot in other books. At most, they're cosmere elements. But then cosmere elements show even in Steelheart and other non-cosmere books. That's just the way Sanderson thinks and what makes his genius. Some readers have tried to map the Twins in the Aether on Ruin and Preservation.

Nothing more false. The Aether has 3 entities, a father and two evil twin gods. All three of them are so different in motivation and personality from Ruin and Preservation that the comparison doesn't even make sense. It's like saying that every villain out there is perfectly matched with Ruin. Totally missing the point. Then there are those wondering how to fix Aether. I bet this discussion only started because Sanderson said in the intro he's not entirely happy with the book.

After all there's no thread on how to fix White Sand or one of the unpublished novellas Sanderson is shedding for free. And some proposed solutions for fixing Aether only demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of the book. One reader complains that Raeth had his victory and the part after it is redundant. Well, that part after is the Sanderson avalanche. Never has a Sanderson book been resolved in a dumb armed confrontation.

There's always another secret! His work is about smart people finding out things and learning how their magic works before our eyes. Some proposed that the Living Night warriors should not reform. But then the book would be just another war epic without any catch. Another proposal was that the Harrmen, a race of dumb invaders in the north, should help fight the Living Night because they're the only who can fight Amberite bonds. This proposal demonstrates the person didn't understand the book.

D'Naa told Raeth that she would have loved to see Amberite bonds fighting but they never came soon enough to fight the Harrmen. So the Harrmen never ever fought anything like a bond. So that point is really dumb, sorry. Gott, war dieses Buch gut!

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Und ich hatte wirklich schon sehr lange keinen fictional crush mehr, aber Raeth, der Hauptprotagonist, hatte es geschafft. Ich freue mich so sehr, wenn das Kanon wird! Auswirkungen dieses Systems finden sich immerhin schon in anderen Systemen wieder. Aug 29, Calvinist Batman rated it liked it.

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I actually liked this book more than the unpublished novel-form of White Sand. Why the lower rating then? The climax and ending didn't stick. Sanderson writes a small foreward to this manuscript stating that the novel is really two different stories that didn't mesh well at all. For the longest time I didn't understand while reading this.

That said, the magic system was really quite unique and wonderful. Sanderson has said the only thing I actually liked this book more than the unpublished novel-form of White Sand. Sanderson has said the only thing that is part of the Cosmere canon from this book is the magic system. I'll be excited to read it again when it's completely re-written years from now.

As for plot, it's basically a mix of Warbreaker and Elantris, leaning more towards Warbreaker. I have now read every Sanderson novel written only minus a couple Infinity Blade short stories. Just in time for September Jul 31, Benny Hinrichs rated it really liked it. You know, it's funny. Even though I've given this book four stars, it's better than a lot of published books that I've read. This was an interesting book. I liked the concept of aethers.

Definitely a lot of typical Sanderson elements nobility, balls, in-depth magic, personified gods, a young man struggling to lead, a young woman doing subterfuge.

Into Aether

It was almost like reading Mistborn, Elantris, White Sand, and Warbreaker again without knowing what was going to happen. One of the things I like abou You know, it's funny. Then during the rest of the book he slowly pulls back the curtain, and the magic itself is always integral to the plot.

It makes the reveals particularly satisfying. He usually avoids feeling ad hoc in his magic. Once the reveals happen, they're congruous with everything else you know. That being said, I felt like the mysteries in this book weren't as deep as he usually goes.

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This book definitely had problems, but it was a decent romp. I understand what he means when he says that it's like two different books that don't quite blend together. The way he tied everything off in the end was cute. A couple examples of issues: view spoiler [Raeth gets the Night aether and makes superpowered Amberin, then he sort of forgets about it.

I feel like in real life he would have tested it out a lot more. He suddenly has this thing he's wanted his whole life and he just ignores it? Another thing, after losing a trillion soldiers during the battle, they have enough people to spare to stand guard around the palace, especially in the dungeon? Another thing I didn't like is that view spoiler [Laene hide spoiler ] never got any consequences for his betrayals. I wanted some closure on that arc. I understand Sanderson had imagined writing a sequel to this book at one point, so maybe that was to be addressed in the sequel.

This is an early work, and its shows, but I enjoyed it. Really loved the whole idea of the Aethers. We can see a lot of ideas that he used in later books. The ending was a bit corny Mar 19, Adam rated it liked it. Raw, but the seeds are there for some very interesting future storytelling. May 31, Simonne Robinson rated it it was amazing. I wish he'd publish this!!

Aether of Night

Sep 27, Gregory Angeloff rated it liked it. As of July , Brandon gave the file to the 17th Shard to distribute. They will send out the file after it is requested; however, the wait can still be several weeks due to high demand. It remains possible that the book will be published in some form, but it would be a complete rewrite. From The Coppermind. This meta article is complete.

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