Prepositions and Particles in English: A Discourse-functional Account

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Johnson Whether you are written the download prepositions and particles or Here, if you examine your weather and jnod students lialy Studies will invite different patterns that remain back for them. The download prepositions and particles in english: a discourse functional account in this study late varies in the option work of this management: As in the control class, students were introduced to the preposition word class together with an overview of the frequent use of English prepositions and the challenging problem of preposition polysemy.

Orientation stage. The targeted prepositions of in and on were explored in a chalkboard illutration. The prototype of each preposition was identified and illustrated with several specific examples of their contrasted uses. The topological extension function of prepositions spatial relationships tend to be held in relative, not absolute, relationships was explained and illustrated, as well as the concept of speaker construal that so often plays a role in preposition selection.

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An image supported each of the multiple senses of preposition meaning. The syntactic categories of prepositional phrases used in this study are noun phrase modifiers, adjuncts, conjuncts, and complementizers. Materialization stage, Overt Speech stage, and Covert Speech stage. Students were arranged in groups of two for a concrete materialization activity, an activity designed to prompt both covert and overt speech.

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A card activity set was provided to each group to elicit overt and covert speech; each card contained a sentence of context with a blank for one of the missing targeted prepositions, along with its associated image. After a short break, the students were introduced to the of SCOBA, which follows the cognitive linguistic research of Jang and Kim , who posit that three categories of meaning have developed from this highly frequent English word—separation e.

Students, remaining in paired groups, reformed the two previous clay figures and were provided an additional piece of clay to form three models, illustrating the three meaning categories of of. Each group was given an additional card set with sentences that use the preposition of.

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This time, the cards were separated by category of meaning across varied contexts, aided by the image on each card—an easier and quicker activity than the previous card activity. For remaining class time, the students were provided a table of common prepositions with complementizers for a quick, around-the-room sentence-building oral exercise. The minute experiment for this study was conducted in the control and experimental classes during the Spring semester, preceded and followed by assessments tests of similar length and design.

A key for the texts was established from native English speakers who were current ESL instructors.

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Linguistic Inquiry 39 1. Language 92 3. In 17 , for example, them refers to a class which is going on upstairs from the speaker's group, and this antecedent has just been mentioned in the previous utterance. Namespaces Article Talk. Finally, the errors pattern presented by SLI children, in the prepositions' production task, were different from the previously hypothesized. The light was extinguished.

All scores were computed and analyzed as a mixed-factorial repeated measures analysis of variance. In two subsequent semesters of the application of this experiemental procedure by the researcher, gains by the classes also exceeded the gains of the original control class. While no statistically significant results have yet been achieved, these consistent gains point to the need for additional experimental research in this area.

It is often lamented that empty formalism has resulted from student learning in traditional classrooms, which typically focus on the development of grammatical forms. If cognitive linguistics provides a contruct for what we are to teach, the principles of sociocultural theory offer guidance in regard to how we are to teach. The gains of the experimental class, the SCOBAs, the card-set activities, and the clay-modeling projects used in this study provide substantial groundwork for additional research in the use of these approaches for spatial and linking learning targets in advanced ESL classrooms.

Jang, E.

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A study on the semantics of preposition of: Based on prototype theory and cognitive categorization. Studies in Linguistics, 18 , — Lantolf, J. New York, NY: Routledge. Prepositions and particles in English: A discourse-functional account. Serrano-Lopez, M. Materializing linguistic concepts through 3-D clay modeling: A tool-and-result approach to mediating L2 Spanish development.

Poehner Eds.

A corpus of preposition supersenses in English web reviews

London, England: Equinox. Tyler, A.

Recognize how prepositions function in clauses

Elizabeth M. O'Dowd offers a new, discourse-functional account of the categories preposition and particle in English. She explains why certain words have. - Buy Prepositions and Particles in English: A Discourse-Functional Account book online at best prices in India on Read Prepositions and .

The semantics of English prepositions: Spatial scenes, embodied meaning and cognition. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. Vygotsky, L.

The collected works of L.