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webdisk.builttospill.reclaim.hosting/krak-y-croc-literatura-infantil-6-11.php The book has nothing to say about the Trail of Tears, in which a fifth of the Cherokee population was wiped out, or similar massacres, but cheerfully points out that "by its second decade Harvard College welcomed Indian students. The "Politically Incorrect Guide" is full of dubious assertions, small and large. It makes a perverse, but ideologically loaded, linguistic argument that the American Civil War was not actually a civil war, a point with which dictionaries disagree.

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More troubling are the book's substantive distortions of history, like its claim that the infamous Black Codes, passed by the Southern states after the Civil War, were hardly different from Northern anti-vagrancy laws. The Black Codes -- which were aimed, as the Columbia University historian Eric Foner has noted, at keeping freed slaves' status as close to slavery as possible -- went well beyond anything in the North. The book reads less like history than a call to action, since so many of its historical arguments track the current political agenda of the far right.

It contends that federal courts were never given the power to strike down state laws, a pet cause of states' rights supporters today. And it maintains that the First Amendment applies only to the federal government, and therefore does not prohibit the states from imposing religion on their citizens, a view that Clarence Thomas has suggested in his church-state opinions. Most ominously, it makes an elaborate argument that the 14th Amendment was "never constitutionally ratified" because of irregularities in how it was adopted. This, too, is a pet cause of the fringe right, one the Supreme Court has rejected.

Catholic Conference.

Under his tutelage, the American bishops embraced positions on economics, welfare policy, and defense that were a virtual mirror image of the Democratic Party platform. To be truly pro-life, Bernardin claimed, one must go far beyond opposing abortion and euthanasia — which entail the direct killing of innocent human beings.

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This book provides information you simply cannot find elsewhere. Open Preview See a Problem? Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to the current president based on their success at abiding by their oath to uphold the U. Politically Incorrect Guides. Secession in an NZB p. Books in the series for all three topics have since been published. Poor right wing crap on the side of the establishment..

It was equally important, he suggested, to take correct Catholic stands on a long list of topics including military spending, Medicaid funding, pollution control, the minimum wage, food stamps, and pretty much every subject dear to the Democratic National Committee. So pro-lifers not only could but probably should vote for liberal pro-choice candidates, since on balance their record was better.

And hey presto! Zmirak then proceeds to dismantle such hooey by employing the history and doctrine of the actual Catholic faith that he has previously and usefully provided as a primer in the first several chapters of the book. Lest readers be put off by the title and picture of gun-toting nuns on the cover, it should be noted, Zmirak also has kind words for the ecumenical partnerships observant Catholics have formed with like-minded Protestants.

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When, as we shall see, Leo XIII and his successors condemned every form of socialism, they were recognizing that forcibly taking from people the property, fertility, and liberty that monks and nuns willingly give up indeed amounts to a diabolical parody of the good.

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Recipient's Email. What an education this book on the Great Depression is!

It's a fascinating, entertaining read through the causes, actions, and effects of the Great Depression, and the lessons that should have been learned for today but obviously were not. These are hot topics that touch every aspect of our society today; issues that according to the publisher of this series politically correct historians, academia, and the media have hijacked for use in accomplishing their own agendas.

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution

I am looking forward to quite an education in conservative thought and values as I read through the rest of the series. Please also see the P. Show Additional Categories. Item is not available. Qty: Add to Wish List. Item :