Pesticide Impact on Stream Fauna: With Special Reference to Macroinvertebrates

Review of Pesticide impact on stream fauna : with special reference to macroinvertebrates
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Retention of white perch and striped bass larvae: biological-physical interactions in Chesapeake Bay estuarine turbidity maximum. The ecology, discharge diversity and predatory behaviour of gymnotiforme electric fish in the coastal streams of French Guiana.


BR et al. Radio-tracking manatees from land and space: tag design, implementation, and lessons learned from long-term study. Townsend et al.

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Assessment of river health: accounting for perturbation pathways in physical and ecological space. Covich et al. Distribution and abundance of tropical freshwater shrimp along a stream corridor: response to disturbance.

A total of 24 different macroinvertebrate indices were applied to detect effects of pesticide runoff e. We, additionally, examined the influence of a series of environmental parameters ranging from site scale to catchment scale on the macroinvertebrate community. Relative proportions of gravel, sand and silt in bed sediments explained most of the variation in macroinvertebrate indices as well as the upstream riparian habitat quality. We suggest that the Runoff Potential model overestimate pesticide runoff contamination in Danish streams due the presence of buffer strips enforced by Danish legislation.

When pesticide runoff contamination is low to moderate, poor physical properties indirectly related to agricultural activity are the main impediment for the ecological quality of Danish streams. The article was received on 16 Dec , accepted on 09 Feb and first published on 09 Mar If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center.

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