Peacock and Crane

'The Peacock And The Crane Story' For Your Kids
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Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful peacock in the woods. It would always flaunt its beautiful feathers and make fun of other birds. Fine feathers alone don’t make fine birds” said the crane and soared up into the blue sky. A Peacock was strutting before a Crane saying how beautiful he was. The Crane pointed out that it could fly with his feathers instead of just strut.

THE Peacock and the Crane by chance met together in the same place. The Peacock, erecting his tail, displayed his gaudy plumes, and looked with contempt upon the Crane, as some mean ordinary person. The Crane, resolving to mortify his insolence, took occasion to say, that Peacocks were very fine birds indeed, if line feathers could make them so, but that he thought it a much nobler thing to be able to rise above the clouds, than to strut about upon the ground, and be gazed at by children.

It is very absurd to slight or insult another upon his wanting any property which we possess; for he may, for any thing we knew, have as just reason to triumph over us, by being master of some good quality, of which we are incapable.

But, in regard to the fable before us,that which the Peacock values himself upon, the glitter and finery of dress, is one of the most trifling considerations in nature; and what a man of sense would be ashamed to reckon even as the least part of merit. Indeed, children, and those people who think much about the same pitch with them, are apt to be taken with varnish land tinsel: but they who examine by the scale of common sense, must find something of weight and substance, before they can be persuaded to set a value.

The mind, which is stored with virtuous and rational sentiments; and the behaviour, which speaks complacence and humility, stamps an estimate upon the possessor, which all judicious spectators are ready to admire and acknowledge.

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Peacock and crane.

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Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. He was very proud of his beauty. Just then the Crane was passing from the banks of the river. The Peacock and the Crane began to talk and started having arguments. I am dressed in all the glory of the rainbow. I am draped like a king, in gold and purple.

The Peacock and the Crane

My feathers have fine colors and they shine in all the colors under the sun. What a colorless bird you are!

You have no beautiful and colorful feathers like mine. I soar to the heights of heaven and lift up my voice to the universe, while you walk on earth, like a cock, among the birds of the dunghill. I can fly high above, among the clouds and the stars and I can see all the beauty of the earth in all its glory, while you live down here just like any other animals.

My feathers can make me fly across the lake.

Can your feathers make you fly? But the Peacock stood where he was like any other hefty animals of the barnyard, while the Crane rapidly glided in freedom far up across the clouds into the blue sky. Moral : Never find fault and underestimate others. Reference: Various.