Disorders of the Neonatal Airway: Fundamentals for Practice

Respiratory Care & Polysomnography
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source The clinical expression of asthma in schoolchildren has changed between — Leistner R. Kurepa D. In support of this approach is the lack of any better data, the similarity of ARDS in patients beyond infancy, the lack of any known adverse effects of this approach albeit based on adult data and pediatric clinical experience, but not pediatric data , and basic physiologic principles. Other risk factors include pulmonary interstitial emphysema PIE , pneumothorax, pulmonary infection, metabolic acidosis, shock, hypothermia, hypoglycemia, disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC , ECMO therapy, hereditary coagulation disorders, and airway trauma especially following endotracheal intubation [ , ].

Since NNPs care for neonates in need of constant attention, they often serve as primary caregivers to premature or ill newborns. A neonate under the care of an NNP may need specific, focused care due to premature birth, low birth weight, respiratory distress, heart abnormalities, congenital abnormalities, and other disorders.

Although NNPs work under the direction of a neonatal fellow or neonatologist, they assume total responsibility for their patients, exercising judgment when necessary to assess, diagnose, and initiate medical procedures. In general, the setting in which NNPs work determines the tasks they perform. Most hospitals have three specific levels of care that group infants according to their needs:.

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Neonatal nurse practitioners are considered highly skilled, advanced practice nurses. As such, an advanced level of education is required.

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The first step to becoming an NNP involves obtaining an RN license and working as an RN for a few years to achieve fundamental training. Although aspiring NNPs have the option to pursue Doctor of Nursing Practice programs specific to the neonatal patient population, a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in neonatology is currently acceptable for national certification and advanced practice licensure or recognition through all state Boards of Nursing. All advanced practice programs will include core curricula in embryology, neonatal physiology, advanced neonatal assessment, and neonatal pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics.

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Respiratory Research: Why Is It So Difficult?

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Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care: What Does the Future Hold?

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